Victor Barrera Núñez

Victor Barrera Núñez

Job Title: Chief Data Officer

Company: AXA Seguros

Victor Barrera Núñez is an experienced Data Scientist with Master and PhD studies on Business Analytics and Big Data, with particular focus on decision making processes based on data analysis. He possesses strong skills in applying statistics, artificial intelligence and data mining in large databases and warehouses, specifically applied in areas of revenue management, efficiency/productivity improvement and extraction of meaningful insights.

Mister Barrera currently performs as Chief Data Officer at AXA México, where he is carrying out the implementation of data analysis principles and solutions, through multivariate statistical theory and artificial intelligence techniques for revenue growth, forecasting, client segmentation, inventory optimization, pricing strategies and many others. He has vast experience explaining analytical and insightful results to peers in areas not necessarily related to statistics or mathematical models, such as marketing, logistic and production.

His ultimate goal at AXA México is convert the company into a data-driven organisation, by following 3 simple principles: a global data function, a single source of the truth and optimised data processes.

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5.15pm - 5.30pm
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